Michael Cera abandons laughs and goes for scares with an indie thriller

After SCOTT PILGRIM hit theaters last August, Michael Cera didn't have any other films lined up. Once the film opened to disappointing box-office, Cera was stuck in a very strange and unenviable position. Clearly there was a chunk of the population that was growing tired of his "schtick" but PILGRIM was so successful in a cuultish kinda way, people still associated Cera with that character. So what to do? Blow it up and start over.

After a seven-month break, Cera has signed on to his first post-PILGRIM project, an indie thriller titled MAGIC, MAGIC. The film will star Cera in a very non-Cera role as one of a group of friends on vacation who start to worry about a female friend who slowly starts going insane. By the time they realize something is wrong, it's too late and, I'm guessing, spooky shit ensues.

Sebastian Silva, who won the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema in 2009 for THE MAID, is directing from a script he wrote. The project was brought to Cera's attention by Mike White, who has mutual friends in Jack Black and Judd Apatow.

No start date for the project is set yet and won't be until they solidify the rest of the cast.

So are you happy that Cera is trying something new or would you rather he stick to comedy?

Source: Variety



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