Michael Chiklis and Forest Whitaker reteam for Pawn

"The Shield" is an utterly amazing show, one of the best crime dramas on tv, but one of the greatest arcs had to be the one involving Forest Whitaker. He was the perfect foil for Michael Chiklis' character, and the more he tried to take him down the more desperate he got. They clashed beautifully on the small screen, and producers are hoping to bring that to the big one in the upcoming indie hostage drama PAWN.

Alongside this duo will be Common and Ray Liotta. This will be director David A. Armstrong's debut, as well as the debut for Chiklis' new production company Extravaganza Films. Jay Anthony White wrote the script, in which an ex-con becomes entangled in a manipulative chess game between the Feds, local police and the mob.

No word on who plays who! Chiklis and Whitaker butted heads like no others in "The Shield" but it sure would be interesting to see them on the same side.

Production on PAWN starts on December 1st.

Source: Deadline



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