Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin navigate life in The Kominsky Method trailer

Netflix has just released the first trailer for their new series, THE KOMINSKY METHOD, starring Hollywood vets Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas. The show from Chuck Lorre of THE BIG BANG THEORY and MOM fame ditches the studio audiences for a more grounded, adult show about two pals who are still trying to navigate the troubled waters of life in their old age. Things don’t work the way they used to, love has never been more complicated, and no matter what they think, there is definitely something wrong with their prostates.

Working off the strength of the two leading men, the show looks like a perfectly fine entry in the dramedy catalog, and something that would be equally fine as a limited release movie starring these two legends. But, as a series, we get more work from Arkin and Douglas, which is never a bad thing, especially when they get to shout crude obscenities at each other and every youngster they can.

Here is the synopsis:

Executive Producer Chuck Lorre presents The Kominsky Method. On November 16, meet Sandy (Michael Douglas) and Norman (Alan Arkin), two lifelong friends who are navigating the ups and downs of life with humor, dignity, and some prostate trouble – reminding us that some friendships never get old.

The show also stars Lisa Edelstein, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers, Ann-Margret, Jay Leno, Patti LaBelle, Ashleigh LaThorpe, and Danny DeVito and hits Netflix November 16.

Source: Netflix



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