Michael Fassbender joins Brendan Gleeson's directorial debut At Swim-Two-Birds

The breakout star of the past year or so, Michael Fassbender (PROMETHEUS), has added yet another project to his ever-filling plate. This one, though, also marks the directorial debut of the great Brendan Gleeson (IN BRUGES).

The film, a passion project of Gleeson's and one he's been working on for years now, is called AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS. And Fassbender aside, it's already boasting quite the ensemble cast. The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS actor joins Gabriel Byrne ("In Treatment"), Colin Farrell (HORRIBLE BOSSES), Cillian Murphy (INCEPTION), Gleeson himself, and his own son Domhnall (TRUE GRIT). The story - an adaptation of the 1939 Flann O'Brien (a.k.a. Brian O'Nolan) novel of the same name - "follows a teenage student who populates his creative writing with important characters from his own life."

Gleeson, who acquired the rights to the book about seven years ago, is currently in the process of securing financing for the film and is hoping to start shooting during spring of next year.
Extra Tidbit: IN BRUGES was such a terrific little film.
Source: Screen Daily



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