Michael Fassbender says to take Prometheus literally

Michael Fassbender has a habit of attaching himself to rather good movies as of late, with roles in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and the upcoming massively well-reviewed X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, (we'll let a small spot in JONAH HEX slide).

So it stands to reason that PROMETHEUS will be a quality effort as well, even if director Ridley Scott has been a bit...off the past few years. Fassbender has been talking up a storm to news outlets to promote FIRST CLASS, and by doing so has let a few things slip about PROMETHEUS, a film where he says his role is "pretty big." From ShortList:

“You won’t be disappointed,” he promises. “I remember when they said they were going to do another Alien, I just thought, ‘Where can you go with that?’ Then they sent the script — I kept wondering, ‘When is this going to get bad?’ and it never did.”

Well that's heartening, but any clues as to what the hell the plot of this movie is actually going to be? From Metro New York:

"Well Prometheus is basically a Greek god that stole fire from the gods so that he could give humans equal footing with them. And then he got sort of tied up to a tree or rock and then an eagle comes down and eats his liver each day and it regrows and he eats it, regrows so figure it out. How can you tie that into space?"

Uh, how CAN you tie that into space? I thought PROMETHEUS was just a cool sci-fi title name, I didn't realize the actual myth was the basis for the plot outline. So, friendly aliens give us cool technology, and are punished by the eagle (ALIEN aliens)? Does that sound about right?

Extra Tidbit: Call me oblivious, but I didn't realize that Fassbender was that guy in 300 until today.



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