Michael Fassbender teams with Chiwetel Ejiofor for Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave

One of my favorite topics to discuss is Michael Fassbender. Not only do I love him as an actor but he's also not so bad to look at. I know, you guys aren't interested in his dashing good looks, although you have to admit he is pretty charismatic.

Before I get extremely off track, let's go ahead and discuss the news at hand. Fassbender will be reteaming with his director on SHAME and HUNGER, Steve McQueen. The project the actor has signed up for his titled, TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE. Chiwetel Ejiofor will take the lead in the true story as "Solomon Northrup, a New York citizen who was kidnapped in Washington in 1841 and rescued from a cotton plantation in Louisiana in 1853."

There were no details on Fassbender's role in the film.

I have yet to see SHAME but that review Chris Bumbray did on it from TIFF makes me giddy. Well, the parts about Fassbender having a weird relationship with his on-screen sister played by Carey Mulligan don't. But there is nudity. Nothing wrong with that.

Source: Variety



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