Michael Fassbender to play mythological "Conan-like" Irish hero

Michael Fassbender, who seems to be on a roll these days, is lining up to play Irish mythological hero Cuchulain, who is from the Ulster Myth Cycle, one of the four branches of Irish mythology. The script was written by Ronan Bennett (PUBLIC ENEMIES) and development funding is already in place.  The pic will be produced by Finn McCool Films, the London based production company set up by Fassbender and Bennett.

I'm not familiar with Irish mythology, so I did some digging to get informed.  It's very interesting and cool, like most mythology, and I dug this gem out of my research that makes me think if they follow this lineage we could be in for one bad ass flick:

"Cuchulain had several magical weapons: his sword, his visor, and his barbed spear, Gae Bulga, which inflicted wounds from which nobody ever recovered. When Cuchulain went into battle, he would go into a frenzy. His cry alone would kill a hundred warriors from fright. His physical appearance—namely, that of a handsome man—changed completely. Cuchulain's hair stood on end, one of his eyes bulged out while the other disappeared in his head, his legs and feet turned to face backward, his muscles swelled, and a column of blood spurted up from his head. His body became so hot that it could melt snow."

This is some Irish mythological badassery and I'm very interested to see what direction they head with this project.  Fassbender can play awesome in his sleep, so I have no doubts or reservations about whether or not he can pull this off.  He just needs the right director to bring it full circle as no one has been announced to helm the project.  I don't know, sounds like a perfect match up for Matthew Vaughn to me, but there's plenty of other talented filmmakers that could handle this.  Let's hope the project gets one of 'em.

Fassbender can next be seen in Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS opening on June 8, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: All right, back to directors. Who would YOU like to see direct this?
Source: Screen Daily



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