Michael Keaton joins Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper in the Need For Speed movie

Why do I want to see the NEED FOR SPEED movie? To begin, Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots. My latest reason? Michael f*cking Keaton.

The film directed by Scott Waugh is based on the popular video game.

In the adaptation, Paul will play the part of, "local street-racer who partners with a rich and arrogant business associate (Cooper), only to find himself framed by his colleague and sent to prison. After his stint in the joint, he joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge. But when the ex-partner learns of the scheme, he puts a massive bounty on the racer’s head, forcing him to run a cross-country gauntlet of illegal racers in all manner of supercharged vehicles."

Keaton nabbed the role of, "the reclusive and eccentric host of an underground supercar race where he invites the best drivers from around the world."

We will get to see Keaton next in the update of ROBOCOP with Joel Kinnaman in the leading role.

Source: THR



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