Michael Keaton reminds everyone he's Batman during commencement speech

Much like with James Bond everyone has their favorite Batman. For many, the name they think of is Michael Keaton, who donned the suit for the first time in the 80s for Tim Burton’s dark take on the Caped Crusader. Though he hasn’t put on the costume in 30 years Keaton still knows he’s the Dark Knight we need. He made sure to remind the graduates of Kent University of this when he gave the commencement speech, ending things with two iconic words: “I’m Batman.”

You can watch the whole speech here, but to get what you came for here is the clip.

I may have bags under my eyes, my gut looks more like a milkshake every year, and I often call the cops on teens being too loud. But hearing Keaton say those magic words was like taking me back in time to an age when everything was bright and shiny and when I would jump off the bed with a blanket as a cape. Keaton was probably just having a good time, but for a bunch of young folks who just graduated college that was probably the perfect way to send them off.

Keaton brought Batman back into the mainstream with the massive BATMAN in 1989 and then continued with 1992’s (superior) BATMAN RETURNS. He did not return to the role when Joel Schumacher took over directing duties, with the role passing to Val Kilmer. Keaton said a few years ago he doesn’t watch the newer BATMAN films and doesn’t have much interest in “those kinds of movies.” But, he returned to the superhero world as Adrian Toomes/Vulture in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING last year, making for one of the series’ best villains.

So, wasn't that so cool of Keaton? Is he your favorite Batman, or are some of you still digging Batfleck?



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