Michael Myers takes terrifying photos with kids in Jimmy Kimmel sketch

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to give kids more tricks than treats for Halloween, effectively ruining the season for them for life. But it’s fun for us to watch, of course, and this year he possibly outdid himself with a little sketch on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! wherein he took the concept of photos with friendly, joyful figures like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and gave it a haunting spin by placing none other than horror icon Michael Myers in the big chair. Children, not knowing what to expect, were brought in to take a Halloween photo, only to sit on the lap of a deranged killer who has slaughtered many people not much older than they. Don’t worry, no child was hurt…hopefully.

The first kid to walk in, only to see Myers slowly rise from his chair, aptly described the setting by saying, “this is spooky.” The second, and clearly the oldest child, didn’t want to accept the scenario one bit, saying “no” over and over in the exact same way I do when I see Target has run out of the bags of fun-sized Twix. Then a little girl goes in and gives Myers what he’s really needed all this time – a hug. Finally, one girl goes in, all before doing the right thing and saying “nope” before getting the hell out of Dodge.

The new HALLOWEEN movie is raking in the dough after a $77 million opening weekend, leading to a $4.6 million Monday frame. Little do these kids know what horrors Myers committed in that movie and how lucky they were to walk away from his clutches with only an awkward photo.

HALLOWEEN is in theaters now.



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