Michael Shannon weighs in on his choice in a fight - Batman or Superman

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The very way Warner Bros. has framed the title of this weekend's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE perfectly sets up the argument fans have been debating for years already - who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

Everyone has their own ideas on how said battle would go down, with their own theories on how the side they pick would emerge victorious, but, if you really want some insight on how this throwdown will turn out, you need to turn to someone who has stepped into battle with at least one of the participants.

For that, Vulture talked with Michael Shannon who, as General Zod, squared off with Henry Cavill's version of Superman in MAN OF STEEL, and, while he might not give you the straight-forward answer you might have been hoping for, he offered up something even better...

I’m so utterly unconcerned with the outcome of that fight. So profoundly, utterly unconcerned. I can’t even come up with a fake answer. I guess I have to root for Superman because he killed me, so I would hope that he would continue his killing spree and become like a serial killer Superman. That’s a new take on Superman. We’d all be in a heap of trouble if Superman was a serial killer. He could just wipe us all out. But then he’d be lonely.

Isn’t he already lonely?

Well, we’re all lonely.

Really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters right now.

Source: Vulture



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