Michael Shannon will not be saying "Kneel Before Zod" in Man of Steel

Michael Shannon will never do VH-1's BIG MORNING BUZZ ever again.

He will also not be saying the famous phrase once commandingly spoken by Terence Stamp in SUPERMAN II, "Kneel before Zod!" Don't know if that's a deal breaker for you, or not, but Shannon revealed that it would not be in MAN OF STEEL during an interview on VH1's MORNING BUZZ.

When host Carrie Keagan said they were going to show a clip from MAN OF STEEL, instead it went to a scene from 1993s GROUNDHOG DAY. Keagan then tried to get Shannon to say the "Wrestlemania" line from the film along with the "Kneel Before Zod" line to which he then broke it to her that the character would not be saying that in the film.

I usually don't insist on watching videos from MTV/VH1 because they are shitty, but this one is worth it for Shannon's disdain alone.

Also, don't ask him to compare codpieces.

Source: VH1



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