Michael Sheen and Michelle Monaghan to star in The Price of Admission

Michelle Monaghan Michael Sheen The Price of Admission

Radiant Films International is looking to introduce Peter Glantz's THE PRICE OF ADMISSION to buyers at the Berlin Film Festival’s European Film Market, and it's also been announced that Michael Sheen (PASSENGERS) and Michelle Monaghan (PATRIOT'S GAME) are set to star in the upcoming film.

Said to be in the tradition of BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and BIRDMAN, Glantz's film is a "unique story that is part dramedy and part existential thriller."  Sheen is set to star as Harold Sugar, a middling playwright whose life is unraveling amidst a mid-life crisis and a failing marriage. Michelle Monaghan will star as Eliza Sugar, his wife, who is tired of constantly playing second-fiddle to his work and wants a family. "Incapable of functioning in reality, Harold submerges himself in an elaborate play about his life. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, we follow Harold as he descends into madness – the theatre can be a harsh mistress." Sheen. Monaghan. Craziness. Sounds good, I'm up for that.



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