Michael Sheen to direct and star in Green River Killer

Michael Sheen Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer, is America's most prolific serial killer with close to fifty confirmed murders, although he's suspected of, and confessed to, many more. Throughout the 80's and 90's he killed many women in Washington state before finally being apprehended in 2001. Hollywood has long had a fascination with serial killers and some truly excellent films have emerged over the decades which focus on real or fictional murderers. According to Deadline, the Green River Killer will be the focus of a new film from Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex).

In addition to starring in GREEN RIVER KILLER, Sheen will also direct the film from his own script which he adapted from the graphic novel "Green River Killer: A True Detective Story". The film will tell the story of "police detective Tom Jensen, who spent 20 years looking for the notorious Green River Killer, and Ridgway, the man he eventually caught." Michael Sheen will take on the role of Gary Ridgway and had this to say about the film:

This is a dark story but one that ultimately finds hope and meaning in that darkness. The story of Tom and Gary, and how they are bound together in time, pulled me in from the beginning and wouldn’t let go. I hope that by now bringing it to life on screen, it can make audiences feel the same way.

Michael Sheen will next be seen in PASSENGERS alongside Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The film follows a man (Chris Pratt) who finds himself woken ninety years early from cryogenic sleep on board a colony ship partway through its decades long journey through space. Faced with the prospect of spending decades alone he decides to wake up another passenger (Jennifer Lawrence) which sparks a unique romance between the two. Sheen plays Arthur, a robot assigned to the starship. PASSENGERS is set for a December 21, 2016 release.

Source: Deadline



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