Michalka has Bones

Apparently AJ Michalka is a pop sensation, or at least that's what MTV tell me. And I wouldn't doubt them, they're the people that told me Kanye West was a superstar. Whoever she is, she's signed on to play a fairly major role in the upcoming adaptation of THE LOVELY BONES. "It’s like a dream role... I’m playing the best friend of the girl who gets murdered. I was flipping out [when I heard I won the part]. I’m really, really stoked.” As I'm sure you know, the story is about a young girl named Susie, who is killed and then watches - from heaven - the effects of her death on her family. The film packs a powerhouse cast, with Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon easily filling the beauty and acting quota, and Ryan Gosling (who is probably one of the best actors of his generation) rounding out the principal cast. Stanley Tucci plays the man who killed Susie. As if that wasn't enough awesome, yeah, Peter Jackson is directing the thing. Oh, and Oprah loves this book. That's $200 million box office right there.
Extra Tidbit: HERE is a little introduction to Ms. Michalka.
Source: MTV



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