Mickey wants Mona

Mickey Rourke Alright, listen, Mickey Rourke, you're a good actor, you seem to finally have your shit together and, so long as you're not snorting an assortment of white powders like they're candy, you don't have to agree to every goddamn project that your agent brings to you. Just take it easy, dude. People won't just stop hiring you. It's as if his agent comes up to him and says "Hey Mick, I've got a…" and he immediately shouts "Yes!" then the agent says "But I haven't told you about…" and he shouts desperately "Just give me the fucking contract already!" All this is to say that he's recently signed on yet another project - the Larry Clark written and directed drama/thriller remake MONA LISA. In it, he'll play an ex-con who takes a job as a chauffeur for a high class escort. Eva Green is currently in talks to play the escort. Production is expected to start in New York in July. And rather than list Rourke's ten thousand upcoming projects, just peruse them all HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Rourke turned down lead roles in THE UNTOUCHABLES, HIGHLANDER and RAIN MAN. Then. Probably wouldn't do that now.
Source: Variety



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