Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates helps register others Not Safe For Weddings

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20th Century Fox has their marketing department operating in high gear when it comes to trying to make a hit out of MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES. Granted, they have what looks like a strong piece of comedy on their hands, which is half the battle, but you still have to know how to sell it... and furthermore, how to engage people, so they remember your movie and then want to see it. 

Right now, they have a pretty genius piece of business going, partnering with the wedding planning site The Knot to create a Not Safe For Weddings Registry. Basically, if you're the asshole that goes to all your friends' weddings, gets drunk and tries to make out with the cake, they want to add you to their database and hopefully help you. How? They have tips and guidelines on how not to act, which one would think would be pretty self-explanatory... but then again, if people didn't actually behave in these ways in real life in the first place, then they wouldn't have to open their mouths. 

Therefore, if you know someone who does these things, report them. Get them some help. You'll thank us later. Otherwise, you're leaving your future as a participant in someone's embarassing viral video up to chance.

MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES opens in theaters on July 8.




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