Mike Mignola's Hellboy revealed as upcoming Injustice 2 character DLC

INJUSTICE 2, NetherRealm’s violently hard-hitting DC Comics fighting game that takes full advantage of the comic book publisher's multiverse, has revealed that Mike Mignola's Hellboy character is set to become a playable fighter in the game courtesy of the upcoming Fighter Pack 2 DLC.

Content for the DLC was announced during a livestream being broadcast out of Gamescom, the leading European trade fair for the growing digital gaming culture. Also to be included in the Fighter Pack 2 DLC will be Aquaman nemesis Black Manta as well as an old school Mortal Kombat favorite, Raiden. A gameplay video featuring Black Manta's skill set is scheduled to premiere on Sunday May 27th at 4 p.m. by way of the Twitch streaming service.

While we can assume that Black Manta is more than likely to perform some pretty cool tricks with his trusty harpoon gun, I can't help but wonder what manner of beat-down material Hellboy will pack in his arsenal of moves. I'm imagining some sort of downward punch with his rocky fist that sends tremors through the ground, knocking his foe off-balance. Furthermore, I'll bet you all the pancakes in the world that at some point Big Red will bust out his "Good Samaritan" gun and blast a few holes in anyone dumb enough to give him guff.

With the upcoming R-rated HELLBOY film starring David Harbour and Milla Jovovich in the mix, this DLC could not have come at a better time. Just like other film-related characters the likes of Jason Voorhes and the Xenomorph from ALIEN, the INJUSTICE and MORTAL KOMBAT franchises have a history of doing characters umm .. justice. With any luck, Hellboy will feature some iconic combat tactics while spouting one-liners, then all will be right with the world.

You can get your hands on the INJUSTICE 2 Fighter Pack when it goes on sale this September 12th. Meanwhile, Neil Marshall's HELLBOY is scheduled for a late 2018 release in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: I would love if they announced Mister Mxyzptlk as a playable fighter in the game, later down the road. They could do some really wild stuff with that character. He's as unpredictable as his is irritating. I would skillfully spam moves with him all the live long day.
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