Mike Myers in talks for role in Bryan Singer's Bohemian Rhapsody

Mike Myers Bohemian Rhapsody Bryan Singer

Production on Bryan Singer's BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY got underway just days ago, but the film centering around the rock band Queen and the life of lead singer Freddie Mercury may be adding a certain comedian whose inclusion of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in WAYNE'S WORLD wound up introducing the song, and the band, to a whole new generation of fans.

I'm speaking of course of Mike Myers, who, as Wayne Campbell in WAYNE'S WORLD, very memorably rocked out to the Queen tune along with Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) and a few other friends. Deadline reports that Myers is negotiating for a role in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, but that it's currently unclear who he would play. However, The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider took to Twitter to say that he's heard that the role will merely be a cameo, "One scene as a nod to introducing Queen to a new generation in Wayne's World." Either way, it could be a fun little role for Mike Myers, who hasn't done much acting on the big-screen as of late. Of course, Myers has been keeping busy this summer by playing Tommy Maitland, the host of the revival of The Gong Show. We all know it's you, Myers!

Director Bryan Singer has described his approach to the film as "not a traditional biopic," but rather a story which will honor the music. "It won’t just be the dark Freddie story, but that being said, that also will be honored," Singer said. "It’s about collaboration. It’s a celebration." Mr. Robot's Rami Malek will be playing Freddie Mercury, and he's been working extremely hard in order to pump up his singing voice. The final film will make use of Malek's own voice as well as recordings of Mercury, with a soundalike filling in the gaps. "We’re going to use Freddie as much as possible and use myself as much as possible," Malek said. "I’m in Abbey Road [Studios] right now if that should say anything to you. I’m not working on my acting."

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is set for a December 25, 2018 release.

Source: Deadline



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