Mike Myers writing an Austin Powers prequel for the stage, Book of Mormon's Casey Nicholaw in talks to direct

While there's still some question as to whether or not an AUSTIN POWERS 4 will ultimately get made, groovy pastiche originator Mike Myers is meanwhile turning his attention to the musical stage.

According to THR, Casey Nicholaw - director of the hit musical "The Book of Mormon" from South Park guys Matt Stone and Trey Parker - is currently in talks to direct an "Austin Powers" musical to be written by Mike Myers and that will act as a prequel to the three existing films. THR adds, "the musical will be set in 1960s London and detail how Powers first acquired his mighty mojo."

While I'm personally loath to consider another f*cking Austin Powers anything at this point, the involvement of director Nicholaw gives some hope that perhaps the character and property can be brought back to being a true parody of 60s spy films and not a means of shoehorning in lame bits of pop culture...



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