Mike Myers *wink wink* returns to host The Gong Show in new trailer

What would it take for you to avidly watch a competition/game show like you would any other binge-worthy show? “Fabulous” prizes being offered? Having a panel of celebrity judges? How about a famous comedy actor hosting the show as an outlandish English character? What do you know, THE GONG SHOW revival actually has all of those things, with Mike Myers – er, I mean – “Tommy Maitland”, as the host. The new trailer for the show promises all that and a bag of chips, which you can eat while you watch these "interesting" acts.

I don’t really watch any sort of competition/reality/game/whatever shows, but I will watch Myers in anything, so I will indeed be checking this out for as long as I can humanly fathom. Myers as the host makes the shows insanity look even more over-the-top, which is something sorely needed in a world of terrible game shows and singing competitions. Plus who doesn't want to see someone do a stripper routine in a giant T-Rex costume?

THE GONG SHOW with "Tommy Maitland" arrives June 22.

Source: ABC



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