Mike Tyson wakes up to another Hangover

In an interview with Yahoo Sports Boxing Blog, Mike Tyson confirmed that he would be returning for THE HANGOVER: PART III. While he did not explain details about his return, it's clear that he'll reprise his role as himself from the previous two films in the series.

The third film in the series does not have an official start date for production, but should move forward in the next year, possibly September 2012. The film is rumored to be the end of a trilogy for the series.

Many fans of the original film were upset with the cookie-cutter sequel that used the same exact point-for-point plot, but set it in Thailand instead of Las Vegas. Producers and cast have stated that a third film would shake-up the formula. One rumored plot-line involved the Wolfpack rescuing Zach Galifianakis from a mental institution.

With Tyson returning, we can only ask the question on everyone's mind: Will we finally see more boobs vs. penises in the final film? At least a 1:1 ratio for once? PLEASE!



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