Mila Kunis and Adam Scott to join the Seth MacFarlane comedy Ted

The hot and cool duo of Mila Kunis (FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, BLACK SWAN) and Adam Scott (MY IDIOT BROTHER, "Parks and Recreation") are the latest to join the cast of Seth MacFarlane's degenerate teddy bear comedy, TED.

The live-action/CG-hybrid and feature directorial debut by MacFarlane centers on "a man (Mark Wahlberg) who as young boy made a Christmas wish that his Teddy Bear would come to life and be his best friend forever. Twenty-five years later, the bear is still at his side, but has now evolved into a cursing, smoking, delinquent (voiced by MacFarlane) that is preventing the man from maturing." THR's Heat Vision says that Kunis would play Wahlberg's girlfriend who wants their relationship to go to the next level but has had enough of him living with 'Ted', his best friend. She then turns to her "cad of a boss" - to be played by Scott - for comfort and, presumably, boning.

Kunis can be seen being all dark and sexy in Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN. Scott just finished filming on the comedy MY IDIOT BROTHER, which is looking to be released sometime next year.
Extra Tidbit: Why Adam Scott is awesome. (Thanks for the link, Slater!)



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