Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to star in a Wonder Twins movie?

Superman reboot? Check. Batman to appear in MAN OF STEEL sequel? Check. Possible appearances by Wonder Woman and Nightwing? Check. Wonder Twins movie? Maybe.

A very curious poster arrived at New York's Midtown Comics. The famed store unrolled the one sheet that came in a very official looking mailing tube from Warner Bros. and found it was a purple teaser for a movie based on the Wonder Twins starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. It even has a 2014 release dare below the "Activate" tagline. Could the notoriously hated cartoon characters from DC's SUPER FRIENDS series be getting a feature film?

While it does look real, signs are pointing to this being a viral marketing tactic from the studio, possibly for Doug Ellin's recently greenlit ENTOURAGE movie. Fans of that HBO series will recall that Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) was cast in James Cameron's fictional AQUAMAN movie on the show, so having some sort of follow up featuring the Wonder Twins in the movie may not be so far fetched. But, this would be a very odd way to go about unveiling it, especially with a release date of next year.

Hopefully we get some clarification soon as to what this Wonder Twins poster is related to. Lets all cross our fingers that it is a hoax.

Source: Midtown Comics



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