Milla Jovovich is not pleased with Summit's marketing for The Three Musketeers

UPDATE: Poor Milla. Summit got word of her Twitter rant and responded with "She doesn't know what she's talking about and we don't know where she's coming from." Well there you go! More from Summit's rebuttal HERE.

I haven't seen THE THREE MUSKETEERS yet, but I'm sure at some point I will. The buzz I've heard around the film is mainly all complaints about Paul W.S. Anderson and how much he "sucks" or how the movie looks like it sucks.

Well, who is to blame here? The film just came out so we don't really have any solid numbers. After this weekend we will know where the film really stands. Star of the film and wife of the director, Milla Jovovich believes that Summit Entertainment is to blame due to poor marketing. She's wondering why this film hasn't been hyped up more.

The actress took to Twitter to express her concerns:

"Also, "3 musketeers" opens in the US 2night! Do you think ppl know abt the movie? Ask your friends! Do they know it's a fun family film? Are "summit" promoting it as a family adventure movie? Or are they resting on their laurels from "twilight" n making no effort? Let me know!"

"I think "summit" hve swept "3 Musketeers", a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU "SUMMIT"."

What do you think the problem is? Is it Summit? The trailer? The director? Or a little bit of everything?

Source: Twitter



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