Miller directs Boiled?

Hard Boiled Iconic comic book artist Frank Miller recently caught the directing bug, what with co-directing SIN CITY and going solo on the Will Eisner adapted THE SPIRIT, and seeing as how comics in general are being adapted into feature films like there's no tomorrow, Miller's decided that the only person who'll do justice to a feature based on one of his comics is, well, himself. "We’re talking about [it], I’ve got a really unusual way I want to do it,” he recently confessed to MTV regarding the possibility of him directing an adaptation of his "Hard Boiled" comic. It better be unusual, seeing as how the story itself is kind of nutty, in an awesome sort of way. It follows Carl Seitz, an insurance investigator who discovers he's also a homicidal cyborg tax collector who happens to be the last hope of the enslaved robot race. Read the rest of what Miller had to say HERE.

Extra Tidbit: "Hard Boiled" had previously been developed as a starring vehicle for Nicolas Cage with David Fincher directing.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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