Miller's Spirit update

While this year has an impressive superhero lineup hitting theaters, 2009 is frontloaded with comic characters, beginning in January with Frank Miller's adaptation of Will Eisner's iconic hero THE SPIRIT.

Miller recently posted a production blog update at the official site. Although he touches briefly on his role as director and the creative guidance of his producer, he mainly discusses how the character of Dr. Ellen Dolan, the Spirit's main squeeze (portrayed by actress Sarah Paulson), has evolved from her doting dame comic book origins into a stronger archetypal Miller female. It also doesn't sound like Miller is too pleased with how the live-action incarnation of his comic creation ELEKTRA turned out... Check out the full update RIGHT HERE.

Based on the creation of comic pioneer Eisner, the crime-noir story follows a masked vigilante (played by Gabriel Macht) dedicated to punching the hell of the city's nefarious underbelly, with Sam Jackson offering the film's villainy as the nemesis known as The Octopus. Miller, who worked behind the camera on SIN CITY, makes his solo directing debut on the Lionsgate film. If that's not enough to get your interest, the movie also has Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King and Paz Vega.
Extra Tidbit: Miller will be at NY Comic Con next month -- will he surprise the crowd with anything from the film? Maybe some shots of the cast in costume?
Source: Official site



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