Mindhunter's Holt McCallany joins Gerard Butler for Angel Has Fallen

After receiving some much-deserved praise for his role as Bill Tench on Netflix's serial killer crime drama MINDHUNTER, Holt McCallany has signed on to star alongside Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman in ANGEL HAS FALLEN, the third chapter of the Has Fallen franchise.

Directed by Ric Waugh, ANGEL HAS FALLEN will feature Butler's Mike Banning character who runs afoul of an unhinged group of terrorists, who engage the seasoned agent while aboard Air Force One. Seriously? How many times can this dude save the president's bacon, in one lifetime?

For the film, McCallany will play Wade Jennings, an old, ex-military friend of Manning's who is now the head honcho of a technology firm. As one might suspect, Jennings may be hiding a secret or two from him good buddy, Manning, which could lead to a fair bit of action while cruising at 30,000 feet in the air. Morgan Freeman is also poised to return for the sequel, when he reprises his role as Vice President Allan Trumbull.

In terms of numbers, the first film in the series, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, grossed $170.3 million worldwide during its theatrical run. Furthermore, the 2016 sequel, LONDON HAS FALLEN, scooped up $205.8 million in receipts. If all goes well, ANGEL HAS FALLEN could prove to be box office smash, once the film is released. While plot details are scarce, production on ANGEL HAS FALLEN is expected to begin next month in the U.K.

Are you game for another installment of the Has Fallen series? Are you hoping to hear Butler's Manning character say the words, "Get off my plane," before the end-credits begin to roll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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