Minority Report trailer

A little birdy dropped me a line yesterday with a warning that I should watch Court TV last night for a first-look at the new ad for Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT. Being it was Thursday night and "Forensic Files" was on, I didn't need to be told, but it was nice to know I'd get a little treat as well. That same scooper also gave me the heads up that Yahoo would be airing the exclusive new 1:50 MINORITY REPORT trailer starting Monday morning on their movies page. Just checked it out and the quality isn't great (streaming Windows Media isn't high on my faves) but it looked cool through all the grain and choppiness and I like the ending line (You don't have to run! / You don't have to chase me...). Now I'm just waiting for a nice Quicktime version. It looks as if it might be attached to prints of PANIC ROOM or DEATH TO SMOOCHY this weekend but we shall see. Head over to our trailer archive to download!

Source: Yahoo
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