Miracle Workers trailer finds Radcliffe as an angel to Buscemi's God

To some Harry Potter fans out there Daniel Radcliffe may as well be God, but in the new show MIRACLE WORKERS, he’s just an angel working for God, which in this case is rightly played by Steve Buscemi. It may seem like an odd pairing, but really it's the magic potion you didn't know you needed. The new teaser for the TBS limited series from Simon Rich (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, MAN SEEKING WOMAN) finds Radcliffe’s angel – Craig – delivering a prayer to God, who is still in his pajamas being a bit too particular with the names of global disasters.

The show was announced back in 2017 with Radcliffe, Andrew Singer, Lorne Michaels and Owen Wilson executive producing, with Wilson also set to play God. However, once he bowed out Buscemi took over both spots as EP and as God – which is all perhaps for the better because, well, it's Steve Buscemi. Along with Radcliffe and Buscemi, the show stars Karan Soni (DEADPOOL), Geraldine Viswanathan (BLOCKERS), Jon Bass (MOLLY’S GAME) and more.

Here is a plot synopsis:

Craig, a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers. His boss, God, pretty much has checked out to focus on his favorite hobbies. To prevent Earth’s destruction, Craig must achieve his most impossible miracle to date.

MIRACLE WORKERS premieres on TBS February 12, 2019. 

Source: TBS



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