Miranda Otto is taking part in Annabelle 2

annabelle, the conjuring

The victims are beginning to sign up for the ANNABELLE sequel.

Miranda Otto has joined the cast of ANNABELLE 2, set to be directed by David Sandberg, which marks a further expansion of the universe stemming from Ed and Lorraine Warren's files in THE CONJURING and the creepy doll that helped kicked it all off. In the spin-off sequel, Annabelle is said to torture a dollmaker, his wife, a nun and a set of orphan girls 20 years after the death of the dollmaking couple's daughter. Who wants to bet the kid's name is Annabelle?

Otto would play the aforementioned wife, who is described as a disfigured recluse.

I get the feeling that's a weird home, and that nun should probably get out with the kids... but what if...? Just what if whatever happens to the nun is what leads into the creation of that character in THE CONJURING 2, who is set for a spin-off of her own? 

Mind officially blown.




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