Miranda Otto to lead 24: Legacy alongside Corey Hawkins

The onslaught of television revivals/reboots continues with Fox close to bringing back Kiefer Sutherland's 24 for a brand new generation. Unlike the recent 24: Live Another Day limited series, Fox will be essentially rebooting the show by bringing in a whole new cast of characters. Corey Hawkins (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) will be leading the series, which is known as 24: Legacy, as military hero Eric Carter.

Fox was also looking for an actress to lead 24: Legacy alongside Corey Hawkins, and it appears that they've found one. Miranda Otto (Homeland) has joined the potential new series and the word is that she'll be playing Rebecca Ingram, "the blazing smart former head of CTU. Now married to Senator John Donovan, Rebecca is struggling with second thoughts about having left the counter-terrorism agency." When Corey Hawkins character returns to the U.S. with trouble in tow, he is compelled to seek out the CTU for help in saving in life, as well as stopping what could potentially be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. Sounds like 24 all right.

Although 24: Legacy will stick closely to the style of the original show, it will play a little looser with the "real-time" format as the episode count has been slashed in half, much like 24: Live Another Day. As a big fan of more compact seasons on television, that strikes me as a smart move, but without Kiefer Sutherland turning up as Jack Bauer, will 24 fans have any interest in this new series?

Source: Deadline



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