Missed it the first time around? Transformers 3 returning to IMAX theaters

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON badly wants to be the biggest movie of 2011 but stands frustratingly behind HARRY POTTER by about $20 million. But Paramount has a last minute push to try and get TF3 to the top spot: a two-week re-release in IMAX theaters.

The "3D IMAX Experience" of DARK OF THE MOON returns to theaters this Friday and will run until September 8th. I was not a huge fan of DARK OF THE MOON but if you're going to have your senses violated by Michael Bay, it might as well be in the most grand fashion available.

The film will return to 246 theaters, all of which include a healthy up-charge for both 3D and IMAX presentations. (At my local theater, there is a $6 ticket increase for 3D IMAX on top of the $11 ticket price.) So Paramount clearly knows what they're doing here and is re-releasing the film in the most expensive format possible to maximize receipts over the next two weeks.

Your move Warner Bros. Perhaps there's some "additional footage" you can add to a DEATHLY HALLOWS re-release to keep your lead over TRANSFORMERS down the home stretch. Of course, in our office pool, I picked TRANSFORMERS 3 would win the summer box-office so now I'm conflicted. Go buy lots of tickets!

Source: JoBlo.com



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