Missing in Action again

You know that saying "What once was old is new again"? That even applies to Cannon Films.

Apparently MGM wants to do an update of the Chuck Norris "classic" MISSING IN ACTION, the 1984 cheese-and-bullets flick about Army colonel and ex-POW Jim Braddock, who violently ventures back into Vietnam to rescue more prisoners.

Unsurprisingly, the new version will be updated from the 'Nam to the Iraq War. Which would be awesome except for one thing: Nobody wants to watch movies about the Iraq War.

Also, the new flick is being co-produced by WWE Studios, so (aside from a potential direct-to-DVD status) we can expect a former/current grappler to step out of the ring with some heavy artillery.

The original managed both a prequel and a sequel, which means that someday soon you can have the MISSING IN ACTION Quadrilogy on your media shelf. Probably sandwiched between your AMERICAN NINJA box set and the complete works of Albert Pyun.

Extra Tidbit: Was the whole "Facts about Chuck Norris" thing ever actually funny? If so, explain.
Source: THR



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