Mitchell Hurwitz might be the Boss of It All

Potential bad news for all of you who have been holding your breath for years for the "it's coming we swear" ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie.

Creator (and likely director of that film) Mitchell Hurwitz is now circling another comedy project, a remake of Lars Von Trier's THE BOSS OF IT ALL.

The original film was a Norwegian comedy about a man who invents a boss higher than himself so he can blame someone else for problems at work. But the company is sold, and the new owner wants to meet his mysterious boss, so the guy has to hire an out of work actor to play the part.

Sounds like a funny concept, and I'm already picturing David Cross as the lead with Will Arnett as the fake boss. Hurwitz's involvement isn't for sure yet, but it does sound like it could be up his alley.

It's easy to root for Hurwtiz because of his involvement creating AD, but have you seen his new comedy efforts since then? Even with Arrested alum, Sit Down Shut Up and Running Wilde were pretty terrible, and I'm not sure what's going on with him lately.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think are the honest chances we'll ever see an ARRESTED movie at this point? I'm going with 30%. I'd love to be wrong.
Source: The Wrap



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