Monahan's next crime

William Monahan's Oscar-winning work on THE DEPARTED rightfully got him plenty of attention... and a whole lot of work. His second project (of seemingly many) with Leonardo DiCaprio, the CIA thriller BODY OF LIES, hits later this year, and he's developing a remake of the Korean film THE CHASER with him as well.

But naturally, what he really wants to do is direct. And he'll get behind the camera for the first time on LONDON BOULEVARD, a crime drama (hey, gotta stick with what you do best) based on the novel by Ken Bruen.

The story follows a London ex-convict who tries to go straight, but numerous people from his past and present lure him toward a life of crime. Monahan has already dug into the script and plans to shoot the movie himself in the fall. He's also working on an adaptation of John Pearson's book THE GAMBLERS and a "fact-based thriller about a drug dealer who traded a prison sentence for an undercover stint."
Extra Tidbit: Monahan's spec script TRIPOLI, which landed him the writing gig for KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, still hasn't been made.
Source: Variety



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