Mondo Gallery to hold celebration of Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years

The Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas is home to some of the most striking pop culture artwork you’re likely to ever see. This makes them a natural fit to hold a celebration of the largest pop culture phenomenon of the last decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which as of this year encompasses 20 films with many, many more on the way. Some of the biggest illustrators around will be contributing new pieces to the gallery while returning artwork from the past will be on full display.

Mondo’s “Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years” will open on October 12 with a special reception and continue through October 20 in Austin. The show will feature plenty of artwork from Mondo’s most exciting collaborators, depicting characters – all manner of good, bad or somewhere in the middle – from the movies we’ve seen over the last decade. One piece of art is César Moreno’s arresting take on the first IRON MAN, which you can see below.

Mondo creative director Eric Garza put out a statement about the show, saying:

“As a devourer of pop culture with a heavy lean on movies and comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the ultimate dessert. Marvel Studios has accomplished over the last ten years is nothing short of remarkable. They’ve given us heroes that are big and small, mighty and cosmic while telling incredible stories that are often sweepingly epic while at the same time nuanced and personal. We are incredibly excited to celebrate ten years of monumental filmmaking and characters courtesy of the mighty Marvel Studios. Make Mine Marvel!”

Even though most of you don’t live in Austin that doesn’t mean you won’t get to see some of this fantastic artwork. Chances are a lot of the pieces will find their way online, with each one getting you psyched for the upcoming movies CAPTAIN MARVEL, AVENGERS 4 and SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. 

Source: Mondovia Collider



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