Moore on Watchmen

Reclusive legendary comic writer Alan Moore has not kept his feelings about Hollywood private. After FROM HELL and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN were adapted by Fox, Moore described he felt like had "molested and murdered a busload of retarded children after giving them heroin." And he didn't even have to watch them! But with an adaptation of perhaps his best known creation, WATCHMEN, on the way, Moore talked to Entertainment Weekly about that film and more. When reminded that Zack Snyder was directing, Moore sneered and called 300 "racist," "homophobic," and "sublimely stupid." So I guess that means you won't be there on opening day? Some of Moore's other bon mots include:

I don't want anyone who works for DC comic books to contact me ever again, or I'll change my number....

He envisions "Johnny Depp playing Cap'n Crunch" in a Hollywood movie.

Moore calls Comic-Con "a bit overwhelming and creepy." Well YEAH...

Moore isn't all cranky. He loves "South Park" (even singing "Trapped in the Closet" for the reporter) and called HBO's "The Wire" "the most stunning piece of television that has ever come out of America." It's a pretty fascinating interview, one you can check out by clicking here.

Extra Tidbit: Moore was kicked out of high school for dealing LSD.



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