Another piece of Avengers promo art hints at destruction in NYC

What's more surprising than the paparazzi and spy shots from the set of THE AVENGERS, are the leaks from the promo department. There was this cover for the comic tie-in and this painted poster for the toy line. Now today we have yet another painted promo piece that has leaked online.

Once again, the Avengers are assembling and this looks like when the team comes together finally in New York City to stop...well, whoever they're stopping. I'm sure ConEd isn't going to be happy that Thor is smashing up the street with a hammer but hopefully it's all in the name of something.

It's very frustrating to not be able to say more about this because there is more to say but I'm embargoed out the ying-yang (though I think I can say, "What the f*ck is up with Hawkeye's lame sunglasses?..."). Hopefully some of these leaks will convince Disney and Marvel to allow some of us who visited the set to discuss some of what we say in context with what you guys are all seeing now. In the meanwhile, speculate away!



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