More damn vampires from Jim Jarmusch and Neil Jordan

Seriously people, vampires are just NOT THAT INTERESTING. They like blood, they sometimes have superpowers, cool, but do we really need a seemingly endless amount of movies based around them?

Well, add two more to the pile as filmmakers Jim Jarmusch and Neil Jordan are lining up a duo of new vampire projects for mass release.

Jordan's is looking to star Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan as "a mother vampire who turns her own daughter into a vampire and the pair form a lethal partnership, sometimes posing as sisters." If you'll recall, Jordan was the man behind INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE before Vampires were the movie plague they are now, so at least he knows the genre.

Jarmusch's project has a little less info attached to it, but it's supposedly starring Tilda Swindon, Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender as a trio of vampires. All Jarmusch will say is that it's a "crypto-vampire love story” and that he's “been imagining this film for years. I can’t wait to now realize it with these remarkable collaborators.”

FRIGHT NIGHT, DARK SHADOWS, another UNDERWORLD, two more TWILIGHTS and a host of other upcoming vampire movies, and still, it's not enough. Will it ever end?

Extra Tidbit: It's a good time to be a pale actress in Hollywood.
Source: THRScreenDaily



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