More fake movies from the Walt poster designer

The other day I posted an article regarding the fake Ron Howard/Ryan Gosling biopic WALT. Well, today comes more from the same graphic artist, Pascal Witaszek.

The artist's site boasts over a dozen other fictional movies he has come up with, ranging from historical dramas to romantic comedies. Below I have posted my favorites from his site.

We all have access to Photoshop and our imaginations, but Pascal has captured them with a precision that makes you stop and actually consider how good these films might be.  With the sheer awful editing some major studios release as poster art, these are a breath of fresh air.

While none of these movies are coming to a theater near you, they are certainly nice to look and to ponder "what if they were real?"

Extra Tidbit: These posters make me want to create a fake poster for the movie idea long gestating in my brain: Tom Cruise plays the President of the United States who uncovers a vast conspiracy being orchestrated by his cabinet. They frame him for the murder of the First Lady so he must go on the run with the only Secret Service agent who believes him, played by Will Smith. I call it Executive Suspect. Any designers want to send me their take?
Source: Pascal Witaszek



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