More found footage coming with New Line's Category Six hurricane film

Starting with THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and now with REC, CLOVERFIELD, THE LAST EXORCISM and now three PARANORMAL ACTIVITYs, found footage is all the rage right now, and it’s no surprised more films in the format are coming.

This latest project sounds more interesting than most, as it’s not a horror film the way any of these others have been. Rather, CATEGORY SIX is footage found in the aftermath of the worst hurricane in US history, which shows high schooler trying to escape its death march inland. With the weather the way it’s been over the last decade or so, this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for a premise.

No one you’ve heard of is attached yet, the script is by newcomer John Swetnam, and New Line has just secured the film by paying $300K for the script, which is a pretty hefty sum.

I really think this could work. This will probably be terrifying, but not in the same way as all these past POV films as you’re not waiting for something to jump out at you. Rather, Mother Nature is the bad guy, and I’m curious to see just how devastating she will get in this film, and what city will be the target of her ire.

Extra Tidbit: So you don't have to Google it, no, there's no such thing as a category six hurricane.
Source: Deadline



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