More fuel-powered furiosity coming in Fast Six, plus a Fast Five action scene

This time around, Universal isn't even waiting to see how successful FAST FIVE is at the box office before stomping the accelerator on another sequel.

FAST SIX is already in the works, bringing you more speedy vehicles and sweaty muscular dudes courtesy of FAST THREE through FIVE writer Chris Morgan.

Morgan also has a production deal with Universal, and had these more encouraging words: "I grew up on RAIDERS, LETHAL WEAPON, DIE HARD. Those are in my wheel house. Those are the movies I want to find, I want to help make. They're genre movies but heroic ones, ones that have a hyper-real sense to them."

Meanwhile, FAST FIVE opens this week, and if you want to see Dwayne Johnson drive a badass truck while Paul Walker and Vin Diesel tow a vault away from a police station, you're in luck! Thank The Sun for the extended clip below.


Extra Tidbit: No offense to the meaty men, but this franchise really needs more drop-dead sexy ladies.
Source: THRThe Sun



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