More hope for a Pacific Rim sequel thanks to box office sales in China

Thanks to record setting sales in China, it looks like a sequel to PACIFIC RIM is likely to happen.

In the words of Homer Simpson, "WOOHOO!" Or in the words of a robot, "beep noises". Or in the words of a monster, "RAWWW!" Okay sorry, that was lame. But I'm kind of excited about seeing a follow-up. Not to mention, who doesn't want more monsters and robots beating the crap out of each other? I know I do!

This Wednesday Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi epic opened to the tune of $9 million. That's more than any Warner Bros. film that has released in China, even more than HARRY POTTER. The film was already number one internationally as of last week, and opened today in Japan and Spain. Then there's an opening in Brazil on August 9th. So there's still more to rake in.

Not sure as of yet if the flick will make any money since the budget out of Industrial Light & Magic was $180-$220 million. Right now the film sits at $140 million overseas but is not likely to hit over $100 million here in the States.

Despite that, there's definitely a rather large crowd ready to see a follow-up. This means that screenwriter Travis Beacham and Del Toro have some planning ahead of them. When will it happen? Not sure since Del Toro has several projects up. This again if it even gets made, I did say likely.

Source: Deadline



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