More Join Lizards

Broken Lizard's SUPERTROOPERS is still one of may favorite comedies of all time, but the boys have not yet been able to match that level of quality since. Hopefully with their next film FREELOADERS, they'll hit that level once again. If not, I will jump off the Brooklyn Bridge in a drunken stupor and never give my mother the grandchildren she's always craved and it will be all their fault.

Joining the gang in their quest for comedic supremacy, will be Josh Lawson and Brit Morgan who have joined Olivia Munn, Jane Seymour and Clifton Collins Jr. Directed by Dan Rosen, the film will revolve around a group of guys and a girl who live it up in the lap of luxury in a rock star's mansion. When circumstances change and the rock star decides to sell the house, their lifestyle is threatened. So it's essentially a Broken Lizard movie without the Broken Lizards. The boys are producing this one and will have a cameo, along with fellow producer--Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz. So much for quality.
Extra Tidbit: All Farva wanted was a litre o' Cola
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