More Magneto details

Like his adamantium-laced fellow mutant WOLVERINE, metal-manipulating X-Men foe MAGNETO is getting his past unraveled on movie screens, courtesy of comic-friendly director David Goyer. Obsessed with Film has a few details on the history lesson so SPOILERS may follow...

The new script (which Goyer is rewriting from Sheldon Turner's draft) will apparently be bookended by current-day scenes of Magneto and Professor X (played by McKellan and Patrick Stewart, most likely), and then skitter back through the decades to tell of young Erik's experimentation at the hands of the evil Nazis, the later murder of his wife and child, and his eventual quest for revenge against the war criminals. Generally speaking, he's bitter.

The story is described by OWF as having elements of the X-movies, THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL (a great movie, if dated) and Goyer's own BATMAN BEGINS. Goyer is currently scouting locations and working out the budget on the origin movie, which will potentially have appearances by Mystique (woo!) and Victor Creed/Sabretooth, who also plays a significant role in the WOLVERINE solo movie. Both films may carry the subtitle of X-MEN ORIGINS.
Extra Tidbit: Like his comrade/adversary Charles Xavier, Magneto's comic incarnation has been age-reversed and/or resurrected numerous times.



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