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Omar Epps (THE MOD SQUAD) will co-star alongside Meg Ryan in the boxing biopic AGAINST THE ROPES.  Charles S. Dutton ("Roc") will direct the picture about the life of female boxing manager Jackie Kallen (Ryan) and her star pupil (Epps).  (Variety)

Crispin Glover (BACK TO THE FUTURE, CHARLIE'S ANGELS) will star in the horror flick WILLARD for writing/directing team James Wong and Glen Morgan (THE ONE).  The film is based on the 1971 film of the same name and follows an outsider who befriends a community of rats and uses he new friends to exact revenge on those who wronged him.  Think CARRIE with big CGI rats....(The Hollywood Reporter)

According to this British "Buffy" site, writer Doug Petrie has been hired to rewrite the script for THE FANTASTIC FOUR that has Peyton Reed (BRING IT ON) attached to direct.  The project has been described in the past as having a humorous slant so maybe a "Buffy" writer is the right guy to juggle the sci-fi/comedy angle.   (Although I feel strongly that comedy is not the way to go in a FF movie.)  (Coming Attractions)

The official site for the Jennifer Lopez angry-woman-bent-on-revenge-for-abusive-ex-husband movie ENOUGH, has opened up.  Not much to look at now except a teaser image of Lopez looking pissed and a link to a J.Lo music video (??).  The trailer was which premiered during the Super Bowl, should be online any day now.

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