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Ed Harris has joined Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman and Gary Sinise in the cast of THE HUMAN STAIN.   Harris will play the ex-husband of Kidman who is having an affair with Hopkins.   Sinise will serve as the narrator of the film.  Robbie Benton will begin directing the film at the end of March.  (Hollywood Reporter)

John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet will star in the thriller I.D. for director James Mangold (KATE AND LEOPOLD).  The film is described as an intense psycho-thriller that follows ten people stranded at a motel in the middle of a storm being killed off one-by-one. (Hollywood Reporter)

Live in or near San Francisco?  Wanna be an extra in THE HULK?  All you gots to do is call (415) 346-2278 or visit www.sfcasting.com for more information.  The selection process will begin in March and filming will begin in April.  (Ain't It Cool News)

Is Warner Bros looking to get Arnold out of I AM LEGEND?   A quick item in Variety today reports that the poor critical reception of COLLATERAL DAMAGE will be used to ease out Schwarzenegger and replace him with Will Smith, who is very interested in starring.   Michael Bay is attached to direct and has reportedly had meetings with Smith about the film.

If you're interested in helping save the troubled fate of RUN RONNIE RUN!, head over to www.bobanddavid.com to find out what you need to do.  Apparently the guys (David Cross and Bob Odenkirk) are worried the film may be delayed indefinitely or may never see a theatrical release.  Check it out and do your part to help. (Thanks to 'MoovyPhreak' for the heads up)

MGM looks to be on of the first studios to get a September 11th related film off the ground.  Lawrence Wright (THE SIEGE) will write a script based on his article for the New Yorker about the life of John O'Neill.  O'Neill was a former FBI operative who tried in vain for years to warn the government of Osama Bin Laden but became frustrated and retired from the Bureau.  He took a new job as head of security at the World Trade Center on September 10th and died in the tragedy the very next day. (Variety)

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