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As we heard the other day, obliteration machine Michael Bay is thinking about following up the literal smash TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN with a teenage alien project at Dreamworks called I AM NUMBER FOUR.

All we got was that it's about extraterrestrial humanoids trying to assimilate to high school life on Earth, and that it was based on an upcoming book series from the Oprah favored/eviscerated writer James Frey ("A Million Little Pieces").

Filmdrunk dug up a little more info, which makes it seem a bit like "TV's 'Roswell' meets about a thousand already-written comic book stories": "The protagonist is 15. The rival race of aliens are from the planet Mogadore. They destroyed Lorien in order to strip the planet of its natural resources because Mogadore was dying, and still is, and they followed the Loric to Earth to finish the job. The Loric develop their “Legacies” (special powers) around their fifteenth year. This first book is a kind of love story.  At its core it’s a type of father/son alone in the world, always moving to stay alive story, a la [author Cormac McCarthy's] 'The Road'."

At the moment, Bay is only attached to produce and just potentially direct the familiar-sounding sci-fi flick. As he recently proclaimed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal: "I’ve been talking to some big actors right now about something that is totally different. A small dark comedy, a true story, with actors just acting, no effects. I’m done with effects movies for now."

Extra Tidbit: Bay claims he finished TRANSFORMERS 2 at $4 million under budget, bringing it in at a very reasonable $194 million.
Source: Filmdrunk



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