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Mel Gibson's return to acting finds him hanging out in my relative backyard, shooting his cop thriller EDGE OF DARKNESS in and around Boston.

The Gloucester Times talks about the film's shoot in the small seaside town of Rockport, and caught this snap of a grizzled Mel on the set. The production is a week ahead of schedule, perhaps taking advantage of the recent (and rare) non-crappy weather, or possibly due to fallout from the sudden departure of co-star Robert DeNiro over "creative differences".

Speaking of which, the Boston Herald (aka the Beantown Enquirer) has some theories on that, ranging from disagreements with director Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE) over a lengthy day of shooting, to DeNiro not being prepared on-set, to the two stars simply not being simpatico.

Whatever the case, actor Ray Winstone (THE DEPARTED) swiftly stepped in as a replacement. The movie features Gibson as a Boston homicide detective investigating his own daughter's death and uncovering high-level corruption. Winstone plays a government "cleaner" sent to handle the matter in the way that shady movie government types do. The film is based on Campbell's own UK miniseries.

Thanks to 'OsLord' for the tip!

Extra Tidbit: A number of big productions have been utilizing the tax incentives that Massachusetts finally got around to offering filmmakers. Maybe they'll all be at Plymouth Rock Studios in the near future.
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